Problem & Solution


Problem Worth Solving


While most digital signage solutions in the market offer a local custom build solution for the potential clients, the need for a cloud based system that can integrate live television and an advertising campaign driven by graphics and multimedia elements does not exist.


Our Solution


Quiza Media and Advertising, LLC solves this problem by delivering to the customer a cloud based platform that integrates not only the local business products but also integrates the live television feed and an area for campaign driven advertising and a revenue sharing option that could potentially represent a source of income for the client.
Real time over the web interchange of data and the ability to schedule event type objects allows the system to become not only the source for product and service showcase, but also a revenue generating platform that can include local, national and international feature campaigns.
We also offer the content creation for the potential customer, lifting the burden of having a creative department to run the local campaigns and advertising.

Quiza Media & Advertising LLC