The Screen

Full Configuration

With our system, your screen can be divided into 5 spaces that are: sidebar, main window, top banner, sub bottom banner and bottom banner. These spaces can be adapted to your needs at any time, and you can adjust their size and content, since you can program their settings to be displayed at a certain time a certain day in a certain space.

The Sidebar

Sections A/B or A+B

The sidebar is composed of two spaces, each of which can display images, animations or web links. Each of these spaces is adjustable in height, being able to assign 50% to each one of them (the original configuration) or to vary according to what you need, to even join the two spaces and to create one.

The Main Window

Section C

The main window is the largest space in our configuration, and it can display web content, video and TV signal. You can watch your favorite shows in this space while showing your audience your advertising and that of your associates.

The SubBottom Banner

Section D

This space above the bottom banner, shows web-type content, images, animations and texts. This space, such as the top and bottom banner, has the property of placing on the main window and being adjustable in size, being able to occupy a small space on the screen or occupy the whole main window, showing incredible animations.

The Bottom Banner

Section E

Located at the bottom of the screen, this space displays web-type content, images, animations and texts. Ideal for any banner, its advertisers will have a privileged space to show their advertising without barely interfering in the retransmission of their events or contents.

The Top Banner

Section Logo 1&2

This space at the top of the screen can display web content, images, animations and texts. Adjustable in height, it is the perfect space to show your logo or your clients’. Or if you prefer, send messages of any type to your audience and everything in real time from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Quiza Media & Advertising LLC