Quiza Media & Advertising LLC

International Authorized Distributor of BannerVision

BannerVision is a complete, integrated, scalable digital content Software platform. Originally developed as a more simple digital signage product, it has evolved to be a full fledged digital content solution. Now compatible with over 5000 display devices, BannerVision can work for you. Kiosks or tablets, touch or live, interactive or informative – our customers can do it all. They use our POS and Social Media integrations, our IoT and cutting edge APIs, and our ever growing hardware partner network to create solutions that work for them.





  • Account set up and activation
  • Configuration updated four times monthly with the content provided by you
  • HDMI Live TV on main TV
  • Each Account allows multiple users, devices, and locations
  • Widgets (Social Media, News, Weather, & CTA Schedule
  • Cloud Storage (Video, Pictures, etc.)
  • Schedule your content through an events calendar

Quiza Media & Advertising LLC