About Us

What is Quiza Media & Advertising LLC?

Quiza Media & Advertising is a marketing and advertising platform. Technology is an industry leader which puts customer brands and custom products in front of hundreds or thousands of consumers each day. When you become partners with Quiza Media & Advertising, you can expect access to an industry-leading portfolio, strategic vision, on-trend innovation and insights, world-class support system, operational excellence and flexibility.

With Quiza Media & Advertising’s collaborative approach and dedicated customer service, our clients can turn their televisions into a device which commands a “call to action”.  The business owner has a tool that has been under-utilized for decades. Quiza Media & Advertising has changed the dynamic of how business owners convey their message and generate additional revenue without increasing their overhead. Our strategy is to be the leading provider of in-store (or in-office) TV marketing & advertising providing the best balance of information & promotions to their customers.


Quiza Media & Advertising is in full expansion and already has delegations in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Panamá, Chile, Argentina and Spain

Grupo Publiza

Why Us?

We have a proven digital signage platform that is unique to the industry.


Our executive team is comprised of more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry.


Rubén Quiza (CEO)


Majority stockholder of the company, help develop the digital signage platform and since its inception was the source of market knowledge to make it the product that we are able to deliver today. He has over 15 years of experience in the interior design, 3D rendering, content creation and marketing fields. He was also involved with the production of cinema in his homeland Spain. His creative genius is an invaluable tool that the company will use to be always a step ahead of the competition.


Enrique Mendoza (Ollin Technology, LLC)/CIO


Has managed a technology company from 2000 until present day. Bring over 20 years of IT experience and over 10 years working on the multimedia market. Producer of the Chicago Fire soccer team webcast, Chicago Red Stars female soccer team webcast, Chicago Mustangs indoor soccer team webcast. Has been in charge also of producing events such as the Latino Film Festival Elgin (5 years strong) that require not only production but also marketing, multimedia and social media involvement. The opportunity to expand the business abroad will be possible with the participation of Ollin Technology Colombia.

The Team


Rubén Quiza

Founder / CEO / CCO

Enrique Mendoza


Quiza Media & Advertising LLC